I offer a few different options and packages to suit what you are looking for: 


The Adrenal Rescue

Say Goodbye to Exhaustion for GOOD

Have you been feeling “not quite yourself” for - you can’t remember how long?

Are you tired all the time, prone to illness and wanting your bed by mid-afternoon?

Do you tend to gain weight easily, struggle to wake up and are becoming more and more forgetful?

It’s time to Rescue your Adrenals! 

Your body takes a lot of strain, just by living in modern society. The foods we eat, the environments we work and live in, and all the stresses we put ourselves under every day can take their toll on your body - especially your adrenals.

Adrenal fatigue affects hundreds of thousands of people every day - and many of them aren’t even aware of it. It can cause a whole host of problems, including weight gain, exhaustion, lightheadedness, forgetfulness, a reduced sex drive, and increased stress levels.

When your adrenals are in bad shape, your entire body suffers, and so does your mental and emotional wellbeing. If you experience any of these symptoms, you could have adrenal fatigue:

If you’ve been struggling with any of these issues, you might feel at your wits’ end - it can feel impossible to overcome, and you could struggle to find help. But you are not alone!

You can get your energy, strength and immunity back

You can overcome stress, exhaustion, mental strain and overwhelm.

You can lose excess weight without starving yourself, and get your body healthy and strong.

You can have an immune system that works effectively to fight off sickness.

Say goodbye to
Belly bloat, pain and weight issues
Stress and anxiety
Poor sleep
Difficulty dealing with illness
That constant, nagging feeling that you’re just not in the best health you can be

Find the right exercise for YOU
You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get in great shape.

Eat to fuel your body
Find that ONE thing you may be doing unknowingly to sabotage your efforts, and how to easily fix it.

One of the best things about The Adrenals Rescue program is that it doesn’t leave you out in the cold once you’re done. My aim is to set you up to be able to keep supporting your adrenal system for the long term. That’s why the program doesn’t just tell you what to do, step by step, it also shows you the why, the what and the how behind adrenal fatigue and combatting it.

 Once you’ve completed this program, you’ll find you have:

More energy with better sleep

Lowered stress and anxiety

Clearer thoughts

Healthier digestion

Take back your health and get your physical and mental wellbeing back on track by refreshing your adrenals.

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You Are Enough

weight loss and finding you again

Have you been reflecting on your health and the way you're currently living your life? How has your past year been? Have you been anxious, exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, bloated, working through past trauma and lost your mojo, in pain and just not fitting into your clothes the way you want to?

Have you constantly been putting yourself at the end of the line at every turn? Have you had brilliant intentions of eating great food but life just got to busy to really get into the routine of it?

I know how you feel and I’ve been there too. Sometimes it’s all been to much and I’ve wanted to get off the merry go round and let someone else do it all.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can find a better way. Yes, that’s what I said... a better way!! A way with:

NO diets or dieting!
NO fads!
NO shame or guilt!
NO constant cravings!
NO putting yourself last!

If you are ready to refurbish your health and make yourself a priority, because “You Are Enough” 

This is my signature program that has helped woman, and men, like you find their health and vibrance again.  They found their love food without the guilt and got their energy back found themselves with out the rushing and constant stress.

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Focus on what you eat.png

A woman is the full circle.

Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

Diane Mariechild

Private Consultations

As a qualified Holistic Nutritionist (Adv.Dip Nut.Med) I offer private nutritional and lifestyle consultations to support, inspire, educate and assist you in achieving your health and wellbeing goals.

I help you to navigate through all the confusion find what is right for you and that works with your lifestyle.

Through my guidance, you will begin to make positive choices around nutrition, weight management, fitness, health risks, sleep and stress management.

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Tailored Meal Plans

Tailored meal planning is designed to give you the best success in nourishing your body and being prepared for your week with out the stress and anxiety.

Delivered with full cooking instructions and shopping list with beautiful colour pictures so you can see what you are making.

Choose from 2-4 week options.  They all include a 45 minute consultation so your meals a tailored to you and your lifestyle.

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I facilitate nutrition and lifestyle workshops that provide simple, practical ideas on how to improve diet, sleep, fatigue and health.

These sessions are interactive, demonstrations with food preparation and tastings.

I provide participants with the tools and information they will need to start making better nutritional choices in their lives.  

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