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What People Are Saying

Jessa - Curacao (December 2018)

Astrid is amazing. She is the kind of coach who isn't 'just a life coach', but rather is in it for all of the right reasons and to help the people who truly need it. 

Her story, her compassion, and her knowledge are powerful.

Every solution she sends my way is exactly what my body, mind, or soul needs!

PS - If you ever get sick, ask for her recipe! It works SO FAST.

Jess - Frankston South (November 2018)

Astrid, I’m so grateful I did your program - Resolution to Evolution - recently. It has helped me in so many areas of my life.

I hope you know what a kind hearted wonderful woman you are and you even turned me into a hugger - lol

Sally - Somerville (March 2018)

I was sick, completely exhausted, aching joints and bones, depressed the list goes on. In just a couple of sessions things started to change, Astrid’s gentle encouraging and empathetic approach really works.

Fast forward a year and I feel great, she helped me find the best way to heal my body with food and recommended the vitamin supplements I needed.

If you are feeling low give Astrid a call, I promise you won’t regret it.

Elisa - Melbourne  (December 2017)

Hey Astrid, just wanted to thank your all your advice throughout the challenge!  You were so supportive and awesome and understanding and such a lovely person in general x

Peita - Mornington Peninsula (October 2017)

I have consulted with Astrid from Ryett Healthy Habits on a number of occasions this year as I was unhappy with my weight, had issues with lethargy and my general health. The consults were relaxed, professional and left me feeling like I could really make a difference.

Astrid’s advice was realistic and suited my lifestyle. Whilst giving clear, well-researched advice and tips, Astrid remained empathetic to my needs and wants. Over the year I have made changes to my eating habits that have seen me lose some weight but more importantly feel heathier and more energetic without having to give up everything I love. I highly recommend Ryett Healthy Habits as it is a well-balanced approach delivered by a friendly, professional and knowledgeable consultant.

Victoria - Mornington Peninsula (August 2017)

I thought I was eating well, but despite tons of exercise, I wasn't losing weight.

One consultation with Astrid and I've dropped 4.5kgs in the first week, eaten so much REAL food that I was worried I was putting weight ON and have changed my fridge from something that holds packages from the supermarket to a place to put all the healthy meals and snacks I've made for the week. Thank you ❤️❤️