Meet Astrid

I want you to know:

You don’t have to be the crazy busy woman, being all things to everyone

 with ridiculous schedules, diets and to do lists.

Not all that long ago, I was that Mum who would be at school drop off with great hair, who always had a smile on my face and looked like I was doing it all…  

Supporting her friends and family, putting everyone else first.

I was ALWAYS busy… helping a growing team of consultants, getting the kids to their activities, keeping house, being the Mum taxi, the party planner, the kid psychologist and ‘breaker-upper’ of fights, the house cook — well chef extraordinaire really ;) — plus super wife, shoulder-to-cry- on, homework guru…


Basically: If someone asked something of me, I always said ‘yes’.

I’d do it. I’d be there. Because they needed me! I was needed!!  I think you get the picture. ;)

Here’s what happened though…

In all of this busyness I forgot who I was.  

I had so many things happening in my life, and so many balls in the air, that it was very easy to lose touch with who I was — as a woman, and as a human being.   

What it looked like on the outside was really just hiding what was happening on the inside. I had “stuff” that I didn’t really want to deal with…and life was much easier just dealing with all the BUSY!

As time went on though I started resenting my friends and family and the pressure they continuously put on me.

Everything looked peachy from the outside — like I had all my shit together and this thing called life all sussed out….

But as time went on, I lost more and more of myself, started putting on unwanted weight – bless turning 40! — became more unhealthy, never got enough sleep and was always tired (not to mention stressed to max!!)

As often happens in life, mother universe slapped me in the face.

I hadn’t been listening to my body or honouring myself — and I started to get sick.

I developed anxiety… adrenal fatigue…  my migraines worsened…  and to top it all off, my hormones and poor stomach started giving major signs they were not so happy any more.

Sooooo began my quest for answers.  

I wanted to be a better more engaged wife and Mum.
I wanted to find a simpler more nutritious way to eat and feed my family.
I wanted a less stressful, anxiety ridden and overwhelmed life.

And in order to do that I had to ask the questions:

Who am I really?
Who was I before the world told me what I could or could not be?
(I know I used to know that…where had that person gone??!!)

When I stopped and really listened, I began to peel off the labels I’d been given (or given MYSELF) and I found that most of these were not authentic to me.

And as soon as I moved my focus INWARDS, my desires and dreams got a voice that became louder and louder. To the point I couldn’t ignore them any longer!  

Through listening to my heart, my path began to emerge before me.

I got present to what really inspires me – connecting and contributing to other people — and I felt a massive passion for serving others, and helping them to live their best lives.

So I qualified as a Nutritionist with Global Institute and trained as a Life Coach through Australian Health Academy.  

This work is what truly lights me up. I have the career that I LOVE.

On my quest for answers, I’ve learned that keeping it simple, being imperfect, and being OK with that imperfection is the way forward!!

Ryder Sunset.jpg
  • Nowadays I eat real food because it makes me feel vibrant, clear in my head, and more connected to my body and how it feels.
    (Don’t worry though, I eat cake and cookies too! I don’t believe in depriving myself — or anyone else for that matter!) ;)

  • I exercise because it is something just for me — and it gives me more energy and helps with my anxiety and adrenal fatigue…

  • I’m kinder to myself and my family and give time to just hanging out.

  • I’ve learnt to be in the moment, and it’s ok not to have it all perfect.

  • I’m accepting who I am, nourishing my body, and it feels pretty bloody AWESOME.

It’s been a process, one that had to be flexible but achievable.

I want you to know:

You don’t have to be the crazy busy woman, being all things to everyone, with ridiculous schedules, diets and to do lists.

You can say ‘no’ to something without burning bridges or letting people down.  
You can eat nutritious real food that is good for the body mind and soul.
You can move your body and love it.
You can have an amazing relationship with yourself.
You can accept and love who you really are, and start to truly care for yourself.

And you can live a life that you LOVE and that inspires you…

I’m here to show you HOW.  I am here to light the path, be your guide, your cheerleader and biggest supporter, and chief motivator. I am here to help you see that you are enough.

Astrid xxx

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