STOP the madness


When you feel like absolutely nothing else has worked to fix your health, come and check out how I’ve helped people of all ages create their healthy habits that fit into their lifestyle – not someone else’s.

Is more weight going on after a diet than what came off? – Argh sooooo annoying!

Is the thought of spending so much time in the kitchen, killing your will power to breathe?

Wardrobe full of clothes but nothing fits?

Your skin makes you look more like your kids grandmother than their mother?

Eating from jars and tins cause it’s easy or that’s what your kids will eat

Dreading going out with friends because “you’re on a diet AGAIN?

 Just sick of being bloody sick and tired??

So much info you just don’t know what’s right any more?

I know how you feel and let me tell you – It’s not your fault!!! 


It’s not your fault that you’ve been fooled into thinking that restrictive dieting is the only way to reach your goals.  It’s not your fault that life is so fast. It’s not your fault that takeaway is so convenient and that we have lost the skills of simple, real cooking.

Not too many years ago, I was putting everyone else before me, running around, looking after kids, the house, working, being a good wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague (totally not being great at any of these by the way).  I had no time, I had so many balls in the air and there was no way I was letting one of those little suckers fall.  

I was exhausted, not eating well - toast was my best friend - clothes didn’t really fit well, sleep was eluding me and I was constantly feeling blah (technical term there). And this had just become my normal way of feeling.

I don’t want this to be your “NORMAL”

Let’s help you get back on track the RIGHT way, so you can make changes you can live with FOREVER and be happy about.

Get ready to learn simple step-by-step strategies that you can EASILY implement

If you’ve been struggling to melt those stubborn extra kilo’s and get back in shape, and you’re tired of trying crazy diets that don’t work long term, you’ll want to keep reading.

Let’s face it…

It can be confusing, frustrating and a bit overwhelming to know what to do for long-term success. There’s so much conflicting information everywhere we turn, and sometimes we just feel defeated and give up.

cutting board.jpg

That’s where I come in. I’m a qualified Holistic Nutritionist, so I know what works and I’ve done all the hard work for you, I use this simple system and it works.  I found tasty simple recipes using wholefoods.  I don’t like spending lots of time cooking so finding short cuts that keep things easy is the only way it works in my world. I’ve made the mistakes along the way, so you don’t have to. All the details on learning how to fuel the body are done for you.

Just a simple, convenient and uncomplicated program that really gets results. It’s already been tried and tested with my Nutritional clients. Now I’m making this accessible to you so that EVERYONE can benefit from the work I do with my clinic clients.

Real food, for real results, that is sustainable. NO RESTRICTING, just balanced living so you know you can continue with this new way of living easily. One thing we DO know for sure is that restrictive diets (or “quick fixes”) don’t work long-term, and rapid weight loss often leads to rapid weight GAIN.

NO DIETS, crazy tricks, pills, potions or gimmicks!
You’ll learn how to: 

Plan for LONG-TERM success – Simple, effective tips to save you TIME, CALORIES and MONEY, without feeing deprived.


Why choosing the quality of food (not just the number of calories) is critical for a healthy body.

Finding the right exercise for YOU – Hint: you don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get in great shape.


Eating to fuel your body – what ONE thing you may be doing unknowingly to sabotage your efforts, and how to easily fix it.


This is an online program so you can join us from
ANYWHERE in the world
(invite your friends – extra support is awesome!). 

In 30 days doing this program, countless people have turned around the way they feed their families and themselves, lost kg’s, gained energy and felt like their life is transforming!  

Imagine what it’s going to feel like when you go into your favourite clothing shop and you can pick up anything and know it's going to fit comfortably.  Or when you walk past a mirror and think, “look at that gorgeous skin” and you feel amazing.  You find that your form of exercise is actually fun.  Your friends start telling you how good you look and you can walk past the bakery without feeling that pull of the vanilla slice. 

As a qualified Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach I’ve helped many people change the way they nourish their bodies and live happy, healthier lives.  I’m passionate about keeping it real and making food simple so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. 

Start Losing Weight and Get Back in Shape
so that you can slip into your favourite Jeans

Get your Energy Back
so that you don’t need that nana nap and get through your day

Have Radiant Clear Skin
so you don’t have to always cake on the makeup to go to the shops

Eat Right for your Body
so that you never feel hungry or like you’re missing out on something. YES you can still go out with friends and enjoy yourself


Research shows that “diets” don’t work in the long run.  Most are not sustainable and when you try and remove something that you love e.g. Chocolate - you find you can’t just “white knuckle” through the cravings.

Studies have found that 98% of people who lose weight on a diet, gain it back within 5 years.  90% of people, who lose weight, gain back more weight than they originally lost.  Only 5-10% of dieters maintain weight loss. 

Why?  Because people lose motivation and willpower, then return to their old habits.  Or they get sick of feeling hungry and tired due to the deprivation and restriction of what they can’t eat. 

Why does this program work so well in the group format?? Everyone who starts a new diet is sooooo motivated, but not long into the change, that motivation has picked up and left us.  What's left to keep you going? Accountability!!  How do you get it?  By being part of a group that helps you keep on track.  Accountability creates consistency and before you know it – you’re getting it done!! 

This complete 30 day program includes

4 Modules packed full of Simple and Effective Information for your Jump Start

DELICIOUS, easy-to-prepare recipe eBook
designed by a qualified Nutritionist with vegetarian and gluten free options.

Shopping List, Templates and Worksheets
to plan and track your progress

Weekly Live Group Q & A calls with me
so you deal directly with an expert

Exclusive Facebook Members only Group a community
that’s with you every step of the way – so you never feel like you’re on your own

Valued at over $897. 

Act now and it’s yours for $129


Because I can’t help myself I want to add in a few extra’s to help you along the way

Bonus #1 Sensational Smoothies and Juices’ recipe guide 

Bonus #2 – 20 Super Snack Ideas

Bonus #3 - Healthy Eating on the Go

Total additional value $49 - all yours free when you register by the 13th June, so don’t wait!

We start on MONDAY 18th JUNE 2018
 grab a friend or 2 and come join us!

Don’t miss out; you’ll kick yourself in 12 months when nothing has changed - you’re feeling blah, eating junk, un-fit, stressed out and your favourite jeans still don’t fit.

Get on it now and make this the first MONDAY of the real you!!

I’ll be there to help you every step of the way and I can’t wait to meet you!!!!!

Fun – Motivation – Inspiration – Support!

Health and happiness

Astrid x