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Sweet Spot, Life and Business With Passion

Are you struggling to find the

“Thing YOU were Born to Do”

Trying to find that first step toward living the life you love and finding the deeply embedded purpose in you that will drive your passion, your business and create your desire and value with clear focus and empowerment.

Or have you found it but are now a little paralysed on what the hell to do next?

I hear you. I’ve felt like you. I’ve been you.

I’ve done the courses, I’ve made the mistakes and I’ve spent the $$.

This program has been created to get you in the game with passion and finally doing what you love.

 So if you’re ready, it’s time to take the leap


Join my Sweet Spot for a Life and Business with Passion Program.

Finally get the balance of doing what you love while earning your worth and still having the time for family and YOU.

How does it work?

  • 3 x 1:1 Strategy sessions - where is you business and how are you going to make it work

  • Weekly Coaching sessions - live via zoom

  • Weekly theme and information sheet full of simple, effective strategies

  • Implementation Weeks so yo don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed

  • Workbooks and Exercise to help you with each week to move forward

  • Unlimited messenger contact to ask your questions or get clarity

  • Support and Accountability 

Find that magic in you and the power of who you are.  

Working with people like you, whose stakes are high and are ready for a better way - energises me and empowers me to do the amazing work I do, to help realise your value, power, truth, and alignment. 

Don’t leave your business at just an idea

Here are the modules we work through

Module 1 Is it really possible to find the “Thing” YOU  were born to do!!
Understanding your desires and values are what drives us.

Module 2 Finding your Target Market. 
Understanding what and who your Marketable Target is.

Module 3 Psychological Triggers and your USP.
Understanding and creating your Unique Selling Proposition and Psychological Triggers for easy sales conversion (without feeling salesy).

Module 4 - Implementation Week

Module 5 Building Your Business Strategy and your Offer.
Design an offer/retreat/program that actually sells. Build your business plan with flexibility and flow.

Module 6 Implementation week.

Module 7 Finding your Clients. 
Where are they hiding and Are You Holding You Back?? Lets challenge that.

Module 8 Implementation Week.

Module 9 Building your Client Base.
How to keep the merry-go-round moving with your marketing.

Module 10 Abundance Blocks and the Imposter Syndrome
How to move past Money Blocks and the dreaded Imposter Syndrome.

Module 11 Where to next, refining and keeping the magic happening.
Now your’ve been through the system - what needs works, refining, looking at the stats and what they mean

Module 12 Let’s launch this baby - Implementation week.

What people are saying

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Belinda - “I’ve got another client booked into my program - Yay, I’m super happy. Thank you, it’s a tough road but I’m we are getting there. Couldn’t do it without you and your program, that’s for sure.”

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Simone - Astrid has helped me immensely in my business, from helping me gain clarity on who my ideal customer is, to what packages I should offer and everything in between. She is an amazing sounding board with so many insightful ideas that I never would have thought of. I would highly recommend Astrid to anyone starting a business, or looking to grow it further. I wouldn't be where I am now without her knowledge and friendly help.

Are you ready to be the You you’re meant to be?
In Business and In Your Life

Click the button below to go the payment page from there you’ll receive my welcome email and you’ll be ready to go.  Can’t wait to start this with you.

Monthly and fortnightly payment option available


I’ll be there to help you every step of the way and I can’t wait to meet you!!!!!

Fun – Motivation – Inspiration – Support!

Health and happiness

Astrid x